Young Talent V: Tell Us What You Think!

Leasho Johnson - The Product (2010), detail of installation

Have you seen Young Talent V? Or have you followed it on our blog and on Facebook (where we will soon publish more information and photos)? We would love to get your feedback and to start a vigorous online discussion on the exhibition and its implications. So, we want to hear from you. Here are some of the questions on which we would love to get your responses.

– What is your personal response to the exhibition?
– Which artists and works in the exhibition do you find most outstanding and why?
– The exhibition includes work in traditional painting media but also in new media such as digital photography and video animation, which are increasingly important in contemporary art production. How do you view this shift in media?
– Much of the work in the exhibition challenges conventional notions of “good taste” and “high art.” How do you feel about the NGJ’s move in this direction?
– What is the significance of this exhibition to the development of art in Jamaica?
– What are the implications of this exhibition for the NGJ?
– What does this exhibition tell us about contemporary Jamaican society and culture?
– Should we organize an international tour for this exhibition?
– What are your views on the exhibition design and installation?

And of course you can also comment on any other topic relevant to the exhibition. Please use the “leave a comment” function.

Ebony G. Patterson - Cultural Soliloqui (A Cultural Object Revisited), 2010

One thought on “Young Talent V: Tell Us What You Think!

  1. Loved this installation and how it affected me. Thank you for this blog, thank God for art and may the National Gallery of Jamaica continue to thrive. After taking five children to see this exhibit, I committed to serving art in my country. It is among our national treasures. The National Gallery has its finger on the pulse, the beat, de bass and the treble. Well chosen.

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