Young Talent V: Oliver Myrie

Oliver Myrie - The Sacrifice (2009)


Oliver Myrie was born in Jamaica in 1978. He pursued a BFA at the Edna Manley College, graduating in 2005. His achievements include a scholarship to the University of Contemporary Art in Pont-Aven, France in 2004, when he was selected as one of two final year students.

He has participated in several exhibitions: Celebrating Jamaica’s Young Artists – USAID, The Pegasus Gallery, Kingston Jamaica, 2002, Young Generation at the Mutual Gallery, Kingston Jamaica, 2008. In 2009 he was one of four short-listed artists in the Super Plus Under 40 Artist of the Year Competition. He was selected as one of thirteen artists to participate in 2010 in the Young Talent exhibition at the National Gallery of Jamaica.  He lives and works in Old Harbour, Jamaica.

Oliver Myrie - Between, Betwixt and Beyond (2004)

Artist’s Statement

My paintings are said to be intuitive. Painting to me is a cathartic function. My expressions are responses to various intakes absorbed over time: observing, listening, thinking, talking and feeling. To the point where there is an overwhelming need to release what has build up inside.

Many times what starts the process is unlikely to dictate what the outcome will be. Similar to the fulfillment of letting go, there is an emotional and textural response. As the markings change by mixing together all the elements, it leads to an unpredictable finish.

The desire in me to create something new comes from a sudden desire, quite unpredictable. I may not be able to determine the outcome, but whatever the result, it is always a part of me.

— Oliver Myrie

Oliver Myrie’s exhibition in Young Talent V is curated by Dr. David Boxer.

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2 thoughts on “Young Talent V: Oliver Myrie

    • He does not have a site but I’ll send you his e-mail directly. His work is very beautiful and shows that “pure painting” still has relevance.

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