Season’s Greetings from the NGJ!

The NGJ's Jamaican Christmas Tree, made by the participants in the Saturday Art Time programme.

The NGJ wishes all its visitors and readers all the very best for the Holiday Season and much happiness and fulfillment in 2010.

We know all too well that 2009 has been a very challenging year for all and that 2010 will inevitably bring its own difficulties, since Jamaica continues to struggle with the effects of the global recession. Overcoming such difficulties, however, starts with believing in the value and importance of what we all do, in our professional and our personal lives, and we wish our visitors and readers the strength of spirit, the enthusiasm, and the conviction that is needed to meet the challenges ahead.

Here at the NGJ, we are highly committed to the important role of the arts in the cultural, social and economic life of this country and determined to present you with exciting and relevant exhibitions, acquisitions and education programmes during the course of 2010. Among other things, we much look forward to the Young Talent exhibition we will be presenting in April, which will provide national exposure to the work of twelve of Jamaica’s most promising young artists. Look out for more on this and other upcoming events and programmes on this blog.

Take good care of yourselves, your loved ones and your neighbours!

Mallica "Kapo" Reynolds - "Silent Night" (1979)

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